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Chapter One


Background of the Study

Statement of the Problem

Significance of Study

Purpose of Study

Research Question

Limitation of Study

Definition of Terms


Scope of Study


Chapter Two


Conceptual Framework

Students-Teachers’ Competence and Attitude towards Information and Communication Technology



Chapter Three


Area of the Study

Population of the Study

Sample and Sampling Techniques

Validation of the instrument

Reliability of the Instrument

Instrument of the Study

Method of Data Collection

Method of Data Analysis


Chapter Four



Chapter Five


Discussion of Findings

Educational Implications


Suggestions for Further Study

























  • Background of the Study

Globalization and technological changes are processes that have accelerated teaching. The past fifteen years have created a new global economy “powered by technology, fuelled by information and driven by knowledge”. The Emergence of this new global economy has serious implications for the nature and purpose of educational institutions. As the half life of information continuous to shrinks and access to information continues to grow exponentially. School cannot remain more vociferous mission of a prescribed set of information.

Information and Communication Technology ICT’ which includes radio, television, computers and the internet has been found as potentially powerful. Communication technology is the tool use to harvest the information properly for effectives in any Area of life.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

A lot of stakeholders in the educational sector has expressed sincere feelings about the decline of the value of education, the decay in the training of manpower, laxity in the teaching and learning and lack of educational materials in the ministry of education.

  1. Some schools are lacking in the implementation of the ICT in teaching and learning.
  2. Some school due to lack of fund they can not purchased ICT equipments for teaching and learning.
  3. Some teachers are not well trained to use ICT in carrying out their duty is the class.
  4. Because of the lack of quality, teachers adulterate the student thereby creating barrier in learning and development of the student. This is the right of researcher to study school in Enugu North with the aim of finding out whether they heave implemented the use of ICT and record the success but if not know the cause of it.

1.3 Significant of the Study

        This study is very essential to use extent that it helps to identify the impact of information and communication technology on the teaching and leaving of English language. The researchers expected that if the suggested and personal opinion proposed in this research work are implemented effectively and diligently, the poor image of information and communication technology on the teaching and learning of English language will be restored and the objective of the introduction of information and communication technology will be achieved.

Thus the research work will be of benefit to the following group of people, Government, parents, society, school’s and students of English language.

1.4 Purpose of the Study

The main purpose of the study is to find out the obstacles teachers face in usning ICT and whether it has any positive impact in teaching and learning of English language specifically, there study aims at finding out the following.

  • To what extent are the obstacles teachers face in using ICT.
  • To what extent have the society and government recognize the significant of ICT in teaching and learning.
  • To what extent does ICT have any positive impact in teaching and learning.
  • To what extent are the problems associated with the use and implementation of ICT in research.

1.5 Research Question

        As a result of the clear statement of the purpose of the research, the following vital research questions are raised to help guide the study,

  • What are the obstacles teachers face in using ICT?
  • To what extent have the society and government recognize the significant of ICT in teaching and learning?
  • Does ICT have any positive impacts in teaching and learning?
  • What are the problems associated with the use and implementation of ICT in research?

1.6 Limitation of the Study

        There are many school owned by government and by individual in Enugu state and throughout Nigeria.

Because of time and the meague resources of the research, the work is limited to only schools in Enugu North.

1.8 Definition of Terms

LAN: – Local Area Network

WAN: – Wide Area Network

ICT- Information and Communication Technology

Globalization: refers to the individual revolution of a Nation that is powered by information and technology.

Physical Media: This refers to printed information on a material that you can handle.

IRI- Instruction Radio Initiative

CAL- Computer Assisted Instruction

Pedagogy:- refers to the traditional Act of teaching and learning is the school.

Tele-Conference:- The refers to the use of information technology to teach a group of people with the instructor being not present.

1.9 Hypothesis

  1. ICT has positive impact to teaching and learning of English in secondary school
  2. There are no obstacles facing the ICT in school

1.10 Scope of the Study

        The scope of this study is cover all the secondary school in Enugu North Urban. It tries to delimit the study, that is to point out the extent or how far the study will go.


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