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1.0     Project Overview

1.0.1    Introduction to Church Management System

Church management system is the system for Asokwa church of Pentecost. The Authorities of the church will use this system for the better performance of the work. This system will provide the online facilities for the members of the church and also for the Administrator.

Features of the systems are:-

  1. Online members registration
  2. Members can check the church’s upcoming events and seminars.
  3. Members can send their problems and prayer request.
  4. Members can check the church’s financial status.
  5. Download the church’s Sunday’s sermons.


1.1     Existing System

The management of the church is currently following a manual procedure. The user has to check the availability of the required item by querying to the management. The management has to check the availability from the register manually. After getting the availability status the user has to fill up the membership and other forms manually. The management then checks the validity of the forms and after checking it books the item against the respective request. The information about the item is kept in a temporary register. When the user submits the entire necessary document, the management enters the details of the request in the main register of item details.

Currently each member has a file on which vital data or information about a member or management is kept in. Apart from this the member information or data is also written on papers and in booklets which are then stored in shelves. Other documents such as transfer sheet, report forms and registration forms are also kept in files and stored in shelves. Therefore the institution has several problems with their record keeping. Since their records can be destroyed at anytime by natural environmental hazards or conditions which comes from nowhere. It then causes the church to lose a large amount of resources and required more management staffs.


1.0.2    Problem Statement

The problem definition for the system is to launching the online system for the church of Pentecost, Asokwa. The whole church process is carried out in a manual order. Since it’s a manual system it has the drawbacks such as time consumption, inefficient resource utilization. Some of the drawbacks of the current system are:

  1. The members have to collect the membership and other forms by hand from the church premises. This consumes a valuable amount of time of the management.
  2. An unmanageable tangle of papers within the office.
  • Wasted clerical effort searching for information.
  1. Loss of important operating information.
  2. Extravagant use of high cost office space and equipment.
  3. Loss of valuable historical records through destruction or neglect.
  • Difficulties in finding members and management information when needed.
  • A lot of time is spent in the generation of reports since they are using the old system.
  1. A lot of time is spent in collecting data about members and management.

1.2     Proposed System

From earlier system the members have to keep in touch with the management about the availability of the items. The proposed system is a web based online system. The user can apply online from any place and also at any time. The main base of the proposed system is the database, which keeps all the information about the availability status of the church. Based on this information the user can easily get the availability status at any time without coming to the church premises. The software also allows user to fill up the membership form and submit it online which will save a lot of user’s valuable time. Along with the availability status the database also keeps the information of the Issue details and the transaction details against the respective  request .This database also keeps the information of user’s personal details, based on which the management can check the validity of the user and it’s request. Based on all the above information the management can efficiently respond all the user queries.

The main activities will be performed by the system are.

  • Online submission of the membership form by the members.
  • Automation of the procedure performed by the management.
  • Report generation.

1.2.1    Objective of proposed system

The main objective of the proposed system is to overcome the drawbacks of the existing system. The prime benefits are:

  • To create a comprehensive database that provides the information on the availability details and the issue details along with the member details.
  • Development and implement of information retrieval system for the members and the management of the church.
  • To automate the entire range of activities or processes that needs to be performed by the management before a request.
  • To put the information on Internet for easy access not only for the managements but also for the members from various places.
  • To make the system more user friendly and easy to use.
  • Utilize the IT to increase the efficiency/productivity.


1.2.2    Advantages of the proposed system

The proposed system is a computerized system. This system has lots of advantages over the existing system. Some of them are:

  1. The user can log onto the church website from anywhere to check the availability status and issues related to the church. This saves a valuable amount of member’s time.
  2. All the data relevant to member information are stored in the database. So the management can get rid of the tedious job like manually searching for an available and issue date.
  3. The database contains the cost information of the various items offered by the church. So, the management can get help from the proposed system as most of the cost calculations are done in a computerized manner and the results are again in the database at it helps in the generation of bills.


1.2.3    Scope of the proposed system

The “Church Management system” software is being developed as accurate and efficient online software for the user such as the members and also the administrator i.e. the management of the church. In this system the record of the each request details are preserved along with their status and transaction related to them. The system is also made secured as all the updates of the system can be done by the authorized person i.e. the administrator only.

The automation of an organization system such as educational system is of no news in this technological era. It makes sure that there is easy access: large amount of data can be stored and accurate information and data is available to the institutions. The introduction of the automation enrollment management system also enhances diversity and a server client relation in the institution or organizations.

In terms of information technology, where there are problems, I.T is there to solve these problems. Therefore automation management system will solve all problems pertinent to solving, retrieving and generation of report for the institution. It will also help in keeping of record accurately.


1.3     Methods used in the project development

Developing top of the grid efficient standard application requires proper implementation and proper implementation begins with a good design. Ultimately, a good design also starts with a thorough analysis. The process of analysis and design is quite complex. Many methodologists have developed methods of the design process. A software development methodology refers to the framework that is used to structure, plan, and control the process of developing an information system. A wide variety of such frameworks have evolved over the years, each with its own recognized strengths and weaknesses. One system development methodology is not necessarily suitable for use by all projects. Each of the available methodologies is best suited to specific kinds of projects, based on various technical, organizational, project and team considerations. In the development of this Project, the waterfall model is used.

1.4     Tools used

The application tools used are:

  • HTML
  • PHP
  • MYSQL Server



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