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June 30, 2023

When Professor Narinder Kapur was President of the British Neuropsychological Society (BNS) and a member of the executive committee of the British Psychological Society (BPS) Division of Neuropsychology, he first introduced the Neuropsychology International Fellowship (NIF) program in 2011. (DoN). Historically, the British Neuropsychological Society and the Division of Neuropsychology each supported one of the two NIF prizes, each worth £1,000, that were given out annually.

The prizes were primarily created to aid neuropsychologists from developing nations who were visiting the UK in order to advance their education and gain experience.

Application Deadline: 30th June 2023

Eligible Countries: Developing Countries

Type: Fellowships

Number of Awards: Not Specified

Value of Award: The maximum value of the grant is £4,000. This sum will be transferred to the host institution in the UK in advance of the visit, and the Sponsor will be responsible for arranging travel, accommodation and other expenses from this budget. Allowable expenses include participant costs for carrying out a behavioural study. All other expenses (e.g. any access costs for imaging. technical support, equipment and desk space) must be provided by the host institution.

Please note, it is the responsibility of the Sponsor and their host institution to ensure that any required ethical approvals and Visas are in place prior to the Applicant’s visit.

Eligibility: The scheme aims to encourage postgraduate from different cultures such as Low- and Middle-Income countries wishing to further their neuropsychology and research experience in the UK or people from the UK wishing to develop neuropsychology as part of a field project in developing countries, abroad. We particularly encourage applications from candidates who are likely to be under-represented within neuropsychology, either on the basis of their ethnicity, or due to other factors including disability, sex, LGBTQIA+ status.

How to Apply: Only one application should be submitted by any applicant, with sponsorship support from a UK based Principal Investigator, within any 12-month period. All applications should be submitted using the portal below.




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