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This study focused on an evaluation on effectiveness of consumer service delivery in the fast food industry a case study of Mr. Bigg’s in Enugu metropolis. In order to carry out the work, some of these objectives were stated.To determine the relationship between service quality delivery and consumer satisfaction.To determine the responsiveness of the service delivered by Mr. Biggs to consumer patronage. To access the competence of the service provider (Mr. Biggs Enugu) towards consumer service delivery.And to determines the positive impact on the profitability of Mr. Biggs by its level of service delivery.Extensive literature review of textbooks, newspapers. Magazines business journals and some past projects of graduated students, who studied related topic of the study were carried out. Which is the secondary Sources of data used, primary data were sourced from respondents comprising consumers and management and relevant staff of Mr. Biggs in Enugu metropolis. IN the process of this study, the following findings were revealed. That there is a positive relationship between the quatity of Mr. Biggs service delivery and consumer satisfaction. That most consumers of Mr. Biggs in Enugu metropolis were made up of business men/women, civil servant children and students.It equally revealed the majority of the consumer spent 15mins to 20mins in receiving the services and products from Mr. Biggs Enugu.  In view of the revealing findings, recommendations, on how to improve in the effectiveness of consumer service delivery in Mr. Biggs Enugu metropolis were offered. In conclusion the ultimate aim of delivery service is geared towards consumer satisfaction at a profit to the company.









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  • Background to the study = =     =     =     =     =1
    • Historical background of Mr. Biggs =     =     =3
  • Statement of the study =     =     =     =     =     =5
  • Objectives of the study =     =     =     =     =     =6
  • Research question =     =     =     =     =     =     =7
  • Significance of the study = =     =     =     =     =8
  • Scope of the study =     =     =     =     =     =     =9
  • Limitation of the study =     =     =     =     =     =9
  • Definition of terms. = =     =     =     =     =     =10




2.1 overview of services  =     =     =     =     =     =     =13

2.2 Overview of consumer services =     =     =     =     =16

2.3 Consumer service and buyer decision concept in fast food industry. =       =     =     =     =     =     =     =     =19

2.4 Advantages of marketing philosophy in consumer service.      =     =       =     =     =     =     =     =     =     =21

2.5 facilitating and value augmenting service in fast food industry =     =       =     =     =     =     =     =     =     =25

2.6 Managing Product support service in the fast food industry     =     =       =     =     =     =     =     =     =     =26

2.7 Importance of internal marketing in consumer service delivery       =       =     =     =     =     =     =     =     =     =28

2.8 Consumer service delivery in fast food industry.=   =31



3.1 Research design =     =     =     =     =     =     =     =35

3.2 Sources of data =     =     =     =     =     =     =     =35

3.3 Population of the study     =     =     =     =     =     =36

3.4 Sampling Technique  =     =     =     =     =     =     =36

3.5 Method of data collection  =     =     =     =     =     =36



4.1 Summary of findings =     =     =     =     =     =     =37

4.2 Recommendations    =     =     =     =     =     =     =38

4.3 Conclusion =     =     =     =     =     =     =     =     =41


















A fast food restaurant is also know as a quick service restaurant (QSR). withIn the industry itself is a specific type of restaurant characterized both by its fast food cuisine and by minimal table service. Fast food restaurant are usually part of a restaurant chain or franchise operation which provide standardized ingredients and or partially prepared foods and supplies to each restaurant

Through controlled supply channel . (WIKIPEDIA) org /wiki / fast- food-restaurant.

Arguably the first fast food restaurants originate in the  united state with A&W in 1916 and white castle in 1921.

A & W is a company name that was gotten from the surname of the partners. They are Roy.w. ALLEN and FRANK WRIGHT.

The  role of consumer service delivery towards realizing company goals and aspirations in consumer attraction satisfaction, value, profitability and retention is unquestionable. As a selling activity customer’s service provides assistance, and advice on such thing, as product installation operation,

Maintenance and repair for prospective buyers of many product and availability.

The importance of effective consumer’s service has been recognized in modern marketing. It is an important activity which in combination of personal selling. Advertising  sales

Promotion, packaging that will help the company to achieve its organizational goals and objective effectively and efficiently adequacy of the activity is a factor in the choice among competing seller and marketers. Through providing superior consumer service. The service provider may obtain the patronage of certain consumer even in the fact of strong competition. As more and more consumer get sophisticated in their needs and wants and more technical features are added to product. It becomes more and more complicated to satisfy these needs and the installations, operations and maintenance of products, consumer’s service gains in importance as an instrument of competition.

The researcher having much interest in fast food business could observe that major problem facing the industry is the effectiveness of consumer service delivery earned out would brings about the abandonment and failure of many firms. The level of the market share of some market leaders in fast food industry for instance Mc Donalds, Babbles, Tantalizer, Burger king and the UAC (united African company) foods can be traced to the totality of their relationship between them and their consumer, which is consumer service delivery. Unprecedented recognition and emphasis should be giving to the activity for any form aspiring to attain a leadership status with these leaders.


Mr. Biggs is one of the largest fast food service organization and retailer of convenience product in Nigeria.

The organization is a subsidiary of UAC (united African company) foods, it has a branch network in the three geographical zones of the country with its headquarter at lagos. The Enugu branch was opened on 2nd February 2001. the organizational structure has a chef executive officer with four departmental heads that reports to the tractor of operation who is directly responsible to the C.E.O. the departments includes.

  1. Operations
  2. Administration
  3. Marketing
  4. Bakery (Production)
  5. Operations Department with a manager overseeing the affairs of the other departments, internal inspection and quality control supplies e.t.c.
  6. Administration requirement of the company and also address all relevant corporate issues the administration manager worker with the director of operations.
  7. Marketing department manager sees all marketing activities such service after sale service like delivery etc.
  8. Bakery (production) department with the manager supervises all the activities.

The products of Mr. Biggs are convince products which is defined as in expensive, frequently purchased goods and service that consumers wasn’t to buy with the least possible effort. They do buy it often and plan to buy it when they are getting ready to go to the store. Their product includes ice cream, egg rolls, meat pie, hot dog, spaghetti and rice. They package their product as take away and also it can be served and eaten there.

The ways and means Mr. Biggs deliver their consumer service is the concern of this study.


Mr. Biggs is one of the leading fast food marketer in Enugu metropolis. The company which has been doing well is facing a service challenges from Appetizer, Bubbles and many others. This competition is affecting the sales profit position and of the company. Some other problems that equally affecting Mr. Biggs are.

-Wide communication gaps between the buyers and the sales

– Delay in the transfer of goods and services

– Inadequacy in the area of packing of vehicles (ie) parking space.

– High price of the goods

-Delay in service delivery to consumers.

-irregular supply of goods.

In order to solve the above-mentioned problems, there is need for the effectiveness of consumer service delivery in the fast food industry of Mr. Biggs so as to uplift-the standard.


This study is mainly concerned with the effectiveness of consumer service delivery in Mr. Biggs Enugu. Specially the study is aimed at the following:

  • To determine the relationship between service quanlity delivery and consumer satisfaction.
  • To determine the responsiveness of the service delivered by Mr. Biggs to consumer patronage.
  • To determine the creditability of the service provider of Mr. Biggs towards consumer service delivery.
  • To access the competence of the service providers at Mr. Biggs towards consumer service delivery
  • To determine the positive impact on the profitability of Mr. Biggs by its level of service delivery
  • To make recommendation that will help to improve in the effectiveness of consumer service delivery in Mr. Biggs Enugu.

The research question is one of the first methodological steps the investigator has to take when undertaking research. The research question must be accuracy and clearly defined

  1. What type of the delivery service do your customer requires
  2. Are your customer satisfied with the mode of your delivery service
  3. How do your establishment achieve the delivery service to the customer

This research study is of importance because it is done at a time when most fast food establishment including the Mr. Biggs are faced with problems of effective service delivery

The significance includes

  1. The out come of this research will enable Mr. Biggs discover the extent of harm the establishment had suffered due to inefficient consumer service delivery and consequently improve on it’s service delivery to provide effective, efficient and reliable service to its customer.
  2. it will be used by the establishment to decide on how to improve on its consumer service delivery to satisfy their customers.
  3. similar fast food establishment will use it as a tool in repositioning their business practical in order to avoid ineffective or inefficient service delivery.
  4. It will be of help to future researcher on how customer service delivery can be used by strength on workers customers relationship and stay a float in business

The scope of this study is limited to the achievement of the objective of this study, effectiveness of consumer service delivery in promoting fast food products service in Enugu metropolis. A case study of Mr. Biggs.

Therefore, the research will be carried out in Enugu metropolis, the study will be focused on Mr. Biggs located along Agbani road by nise Junction Enugu as representative of the restaurants which constitute the population of this study


The greatest limitation encountered by the researcher was the problems of getting the staff of Mr. Biggs to answer faithfully and accurately the questions that were administered to them in the questionnaire. This was anticipated because of the tight schedule and general apathy being displayed by the staff, who did not want to reveal any secret of the form’s marketing strategies.

Time constraint was also another limitation of this study because the researcher combined the study with other academic work, and this made the schedule very tight

Enormous, amount of financial resources required by the study of this nature definitely posed some major constraints to the study


  1. FAST FOOD: Is the term given to food that can prepared and served very quickly. While any meal with low preparation time can be considered to be fast food, typically the term refers to food sold in a restaurant or store with preheated or precooked ingredients and served to the customer in a packaged from for take out/take-away
  2. EFFECTIVENESS: The degree to which objectives are achieved and the extent to which targeted problems are solved in contrast to efficiency, effectiveness is determined without reference to costs and whereas efficiency means “doing the thing right effectiveness means “doing the right thing”.
  3. SERVICE DELIVERY: Is all about delivering your services as effectively as possible to the satisfaction and delight of the customer.

It is maintaining the expectations of the customer relating to the service up till the service has not been delivered and also making the customer delighted by the satisfaction.

  1. CONSUMERS: Is a person, or a group of people who are the final user or product and or service generated within a social system. The concept of a consumer may vary significantly by context or an individual who buy products or service for personal use and not for manufacture or resale. 5. CUSTOMERS: A person, company, or other entity which buys goods and services produced by another person, company, or other entity.
  2. Enormous: Extremely large, huge or immense
  3. Constraint: A thing that limits or restricts something or your freedom to do something
  4. Sophisticated: having a lot of experience of the world and knowing about fashion, culture that people think are socially important.
  5. Maxim: A well know phrase that expresses something that is usually true or that people think is a rule for sensible behavior
  6. Anticipated: To see what might happen in the futures and take action to prepare for it.


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