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This is an empirical study to evaluate the role of customers care in hospitality industry looking at concord hotel owner as a case far the study. A hypothesis was formulated for this study. Survey research method was adopted for the study. The questionnaires was thus the instrument of data collection 100 copies of questionnaires was distributed and collected. Literatures relevant to the study were reviewed to observe opinions of scholars and results of previous studies on the subject matter. It was this summarized that customer care helps to promote services quality in hospitality industries.











Title Page                                                              i

Approval Page                                                        ii

Dedication                                                             iii

Acknowledgement                                                   iv

Abstract                                                                v

Table of Content


Introduction                                                           1

1.1  Background of the study                                   3

  • Statement of the problem 4
  • Objective of the study 4
  • Significance of the study 5
  • Research question 5
  • The scope of the study 6
  • Limitation of the study 6
  • Implications of the study 7
  • Definitions of terms 8



2.1  Review of related literature                                11

  • The servqual (customer care) 13
  • Use of servqual instrument in the hospitality 17
  • Use of servqual instrument in the hospitality

industry in Nigeria                                           21


3.0 Research design and methodology                        28

3.2  Research population                                          30

3.3  Sample size and sampling method                       30

3.4  Instrument of data collection                              30

3.5    Validity of instrument                                      31

3.6  Method of data presentation                               31

3.7  Data collection sample                                      32

3.8  Hypothesis of the study                                     33

3.9  Data analysis                                                   34


4.1 Summary of findings                                            35

4.2  Recommendation                                                39

4.3 Conclusion                                                           39















Traveling for business and for pleasure has become the order of the day. They hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries today. In liberalized, privatized and  (LOBAL (LPG) environment,  organizations are forced to excels  others in providing quality services to their customer retaining the loyal customer is very important  for the survival and growth of any organization, loyal customer may act as a unpaid  brand ambassador. In order to thieve and excel in the competitive environment hospitality, organization have to  maintain  quality as per the expectations of customers. Hospitality managers have maintain  quality and the value of services  being offered to their guests as expected by them. The positive consequences of companies achieving high levels of customers satisfaction  and services quality are well  documented  (rust and zathorik, 1993, zenithal, berry and parasuramen 19996). Indeed services quality and customer satisfaction issues are important as companies attempt to differentiate  their services and compete  effectively  in the market place / parasurvamna, zenithal/ and berry, 1988, braon and swartz, 1989). Most research  in the area of services quality has been based upon the model development by parasurman, zenithal and berry (1985,1988). Which incorporates  a comparison of customer expectations and perceptions of services performance.

Purchase decisions of the hospitality customers are based on the factors like  price, benefit and satisfaction. Nightingale  (1985) comments that  customers satisfaction leads to loyalty and a flourishing business. Hadyn lingam (1999) contents  that satisfying the guest leads to repent customer personal  recommendations and a  favorable image  and this is won but easily lost.

Consumer satisfaction and loyalty, secured  through high quality pride’s ad services providing value for money, for the consumers,  are essential for long –term survival, let alone long –term success/zeithaml et al,  1990, Robledo 2001).


Taking care of the customers is the heart of the hospitality business. Doing so means understanding and anticipating what the customer needs and then knowing how to meet and exceet those needs. Also adopting on approach with insight from all areas of hospitality.

Integrating quality services into the identity and individual operations of the overall business is the key success in the hospitality.

To prepare hospitality mangers to meet and exceet guest expectations through quality services it is evident in all of the operation, it is people and its plans.



  1. This includes recruiting and retaining skilled labour
  2. Demographic
  3. Wage level
  4. Lack of importance given to training and  satisfaction



  1. To asses customer expectation and perception level to wards services quality of the front office staff in five        dimensions; tangibility, reliability, responsiveness,      assurance, and  empathy ( parasuraman  et al 1988).
  2. To analyze the discrepancy between customers’ expectation and perception toward service quality of       the forint offices staff.





This study be as a practical guideline for the hotels managements, especially the front office staff in order to meet with the customers needs and their satisfaction. If the result showed the high score, the hotel owner would be happy with the services in contrast, owner improve the services and arrange training.



  1. What is the level of customers expectation and perception towards services quality of them front office       staff?
  2. What is the discrepancy between customer expectation and perception towards services quality of the front office staff?.





Customer satisfaction relied an customer expectation and customer perception toward s service quality dimension of front offices staff. The sampling group was 60 customers who stayed at the mercer hotel in pattaya between September 1-15, 2009.

Aims and objective.



Some limitations are found in this study  as follows:

  1. The respondents in this study included limitation 60 customers at the mercer hotel  in pattaya. If the subject were drawn more than 60 respondents other   hotels in pathaya, the result would be more
  2. This study only focused on measuring customer satisfaction with front office services quality. Other department (e.g. food and beverages, house      keeping, sport and recreational facilities) are essential        department tat were not included in the scope of the     present research.
  3. When the questionnaires were distributed to the respondents, it was difficult to collect the data in time.   Some customers refused to participate in this survey.       Moreover some did not return the questionnaires to    the front desk in time. Fig the respondents were more        willing to offer feedback, the results would have useful for improving hotel services.



This study had the following implications

  1. Empathy was shown to be the weakest dimension of satisfaction, therefore, hotel management should      arrange special course to improve effective
  2. Tangibility was shown to be the strangest dimension of satisfaction; therefore hotel management should maintain the attributes of tangible services quality at   the hotel.
  3. Human resources management  should arrange in –     house  training programme  improve  the main work  of   front office staff and to promote their in their careers.



Services quality menus the difference between the customer expectation of services and their perceived services. In this study, the assessment standards of zeinthamd, parasurname and berry of (1990) will be used, which consist of five dimension, tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy.

Servqual is an instrument for measuring services quality in terms of the discrepancy between customers expectation regarding services offered and the perception of the services received, respondents are required to answer questions about both their expectation and their perception.

Customer expectation means incontrollable factors including past experience, personal needs, and word of month, and external communication about hotel services.

Customer perception means customers feelings of pleasure/ displeasure or the reactor of the customers in relation to the performance of the hotel staff in satisfying/ dissatisfying the services.


The study was intended to investigable the relationship between customer care and customers satisfaction in the industry

To achieved the above objective 80 respondents,  40 hotel  customer and 40 concord  sampling who were  selected suing purposive  sampling and sampling random technique at the end generally good and caring. Activities such as pecting guides and customers attention services increases customers care satisfaction. I concluded it there exists a strong relationship between customers care and customers satisfaction.

I recommended it employee maturation and employee training should be increased to improve customer care services and 80 customer care satisfaction.



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