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The purpose of the study was to find out the basic personal hygiene knowledge and practices among primary school children in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State. To determine that basic hygiene refers to practices that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases. In carrying out the study, the questionnaire method was used to determine the basic personal hygiene knowledge and practices among primary school children in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State.


Chapter One:


Background to study

Statement of problems

Purpose of study

Research questions

Significance of study

Scope of study

Limitation of study

Chapter two:

Literature review

Chapter Three:

Methodology of study

Population of the study

Sample and sampling procedure

Sampling techniques


Validation of instrument

Method of data collection

Method of data analysis

Chapter Four

Data analysis and discussion of results

Chapter Five

Conclusion and Recommendations








Basic hygiene refers to practices that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases. It involves regular washing of body, washing the hands when necessary, cutting of nails, washing ones clothing, keeping the hair neat and brushing of teeth. School children are particularly vulnerable to neglect of basic personal hygiene (Enahoro and Orokj, 1986). The consequences in terms of morbidity and mortality are also more severe in them compared to adults. The increased burden of communicable diseases among school children due to poor personal hygiene practices and inadequate sanitary conditions remains concern on the public health agenda in developing countries. Poor knowledge, practice and attitudes towards personal hygiene play major roles in the high incidence of communicable diseases and therefore has negative consequences for the child’s long term overall development.

The hands are probably the most important route for transmission f infection in the home and community, as they often have indirect contact with the mouth, nose and conjunction (Urw They also came in contact with food and water that is consumed. It has been revealed that there is a strong and consistent caused link between poor hand hygiene and gastrointestinal infection (WHO, 2002) certain respiratory infections have also been linked to poor personal hygiene practices. Good hand washing and other hygienic practices encouraged through health education has been reported to communicable diseases in school, children (Long-Shan, 2000). Understanding the level of knowledge and practices related to basic personal hygiene among school children in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State.


Globally, the high mortality and morbidity due to communicable diseases among school age children has been attributed to their neglect of poor personal hygiene. Children need to be taught and guided by adults to be able to adopt certain behaviours as regards their health and well-being. To effectively address the issue of communicable disease among school children, parents, teachers, and other stake holders must work out modalities to take and encourage children to adopt good hygiene practice.

However, it has been observed that little or nothing is been done to inculcate these practices among school children hence increase in the rate of contact/spread of these communicable diseases and worse mortality from these diseases. Therefore if adequate measures are put in place, communicable disease can be reduced to its barest minimum among school children.


The purpose of this study is to ascertain the knowledge and practice of basic personal hygiene among school children in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State and to examine the relationship between poor hygiene practice and communicable diseases.


  1. Do the pupils have knowledge of basic personal hygiene?
  2. Are there proper hygienic practices among pupils?
  3. Are there measures put in place to help children maintain good hygiene practice?


It is expected that this work will prompt the school authorities and the various parents-teachers association to collaborate to identify key areas of health needs among school children and institute appropriate health interventions. It is also expected to improve the knowledge base of classroom teachers on basic hygiene practices and the need for them to ensure adequate practice by the children.


This research is expected to cover selected primary school in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State.


The researcher encountered some problems in the course of this study. These problems include lack of sufficient time and resources to carry out the research, difficulty in eliciting information from pupils.

The researcher also found it difficult to get the cooperation of the schools as they felt that it may be an attempt to run down the image of their schools.


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