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1.1 Background of the study
The mass media perform a number of functions in every society. In performing its
functions they do not work in isolation of their own but work hand in hand with other social
institutions like family, religions institutions, educational institutions, economic institutions and
cultural institutions. This work is on the role that Imo Broadcasting Corporation (Television)
play in the educational development of Emekuku in Imo State.
The Mass Media beyond being a socializing agency, Umechukwu, (200,p.21) made us to
understand that the mass media with their incalculable potentials, derived fundamentally from
their transitional roles of education, entertainment, cultural transmission and surveillance of the
Okunna (1999, p.108) in her reflections on the social functions of the mass media
maintains that mass media as a socializing, agency work closely with other socializing agencies
like family, church, school and the peer groups through the process of socialization, the
individual is made aware of the value, norms, and acceptable behavioural patterns of the society,
they provide a common body of knowledge, the internization of which enables people to operate
as effective members of the society.
The invention of television had a very good influence as a medium towards information,
dissemination, education and entertainment; that is why scholars like Gebner (2000, p.21) went
into intense study to find out its effect on the viewers, Murrow, (1998, p. 90) states that this
instrument can teach, it can illuminate, it can even inspire, but to the extent that human beings
are determined to use it to those ends otherwise it is merely wires and lights in a box, this tells
us that though television is powerful, we can only harness its powers through effective use.
Another role which the television play especially in rural development is on influencing
and shaping our behavioural patterns. Virtually no aspect of our habits, desires and relationships
both as individuals and as groups escape examinations in our public media, getting along with
neighbours, personal problems and our taste in popular music, social and religious tensions,
athletics and trends in fashion among others are constantly reported and discussed in the press,
book, television and radio programmes.
It is known that rural communication in Nigeria have always been a beacon of hope
throughout history in Nigeria and has always sustained the urban communities but yet the hope
of the rural communities is yet increasing everyday as regard to Emekuku, in Owerri, Imo state,
80% of people in Emekuku uses television and this constitutes more to rural educational
In spite of this, the contribution of rural communities have not received the adequate
attention which they deserve although the government is doing everything within its power to see
that this situation is uplifted, government has also realized that it has not been making effective
use of the television as a means of reaching out to the rural community education development
even with regards to Emekuku, in Owerri, Imo State.
This has invariably constituted a serious impediment to systematic development in the
nation because rural education development remains the spring board for state and national
development in the education sector.
Again, Nwosu (1990, p.2) maintain that communication is central to rural and national
development and that is a catalytic effect to the development of other sectors of the economy and
it should never be neglected, this means that Imo Broadcasting Corporation Television (IBC TV)
should be concerned with the education development of the people of Emekuku rural community
and should realize the ubiquities nature of communication media of the television and employ
them all in their Television educational programmes both during conception, planning and
execution and they should involve the community concerned.
It is important therefore to investigate the affairs of the Imo Broadcasting Corporation
Television (IBC TV) and the role it plays in enhancing the educational development of the
people in Emekuku, Owerri, Imo State.
1.2 Statement of the problem
In this information age that sees communication as a vital instrument, the relevance
which Television has been playing has not been encouraging in the context of rural development
in Nigeria. Even in a rural community like Emekuku area of Imo State where Television is
partially unavailable, information cannot be shared among the people who cannot understand
English but through only viewing the Television and yet they maintain a stable system of living.
Most rural areas are devoid of social infrastructure which could have made life more
comfortable to the rural dwellers. This situation can be traced to the failure of the government to
help the masses in the rural areas.
Majidian (1977, p.22) opines that although the technology of communication provides
unparallel opportunities for economic, political, educational and cultural development. Its
potential national development will remain unrealized unless it performs its roles effectively.
The problem of this study can be deduced from the fore said of national Population reside in
rural areas. The rural areas are characterized by depressing annual income, poverty and penury
manifested by widespread hunger, malnutrition, lack of access to formal and informal education.
The mass media are mostly urban based then rightly accursed to its rural areas as rightly
observed, the kind of mass communication system in some developing countries which is urban
concentrated have invalidated that so much quest for New World Information and
Communication Order (NWICO) which is the call by third world country of the rejuvenation of
this nature to ascertain the relevance of mass communication in rural education development.
Therefore, the problem of this research is, how can Imo Broadcasting corporation
(Television) promote the rural education development in Emekuku?
1.3 Objective of the Study
The main objective of this study is to find out the role Imo Broadcasting Corporation
Television (IBC TV) play in the rural education development of Emekuku community in Imo
State, it also has the following objectives;
1. To investigate the role of Television Broadcasting in Rural Education of Emekuku
2. To evaluate the role of IBC media in Education.
3. To identify problems involved in the use of Television Broadcast for rural education.
4. To suggest solutions for the problems of broadcasting in Emekuku.
1.4 Research Questions
1. To what extent has the Rural Television Broadcasting helped Emekuku people?
2. Does IBC play any role in educational development of Emekuku in Owerri?
3. What are the problems involved in the use of Television Broadcast for rural education?
4. What are the solutions for the problems of broadcasting in Emekuku?
1.5 Scope of the study
The scope of my study revolves around the Role of Imo Broadcasting Corporation (TV)
in the rural education development of Emekuku people in Owerri, Imo State.
1.6 Significance of the study
The ultimate goal of this study is to discuss extensively the specific role of Imo
Broadcasting Corporation Television play in the rural education development of Emekuku area
of Imo State, in this case, the study promises to be of immense value not only to the government
and its functionaries but also to the business men and investors who will be coming up with
tapping abundant natural resources in Emekuku area of Imo state. This study being a relatively
exploratory and pioneering work on the area will equally help prompt further researchers on
exploring other roles and functions that Imo Broadcasting Corporation Television (IBC TV) and
the several tiers of government can play in the rural education development of Emekuku in
Owerri, Imo State.
1.7 Operational definition of significant terms
1.7.1 Role: This means the part or functions, somebody or something can play in the growth
of something.
1.7.2 Mass Media: E.g. Radio, Television, Newspaper, they are used to reach many people at
the same time.
1.7.3 Rural Area: An area like Emekuku, it is not developed.
1.7.4 Development: It means growth and progress in an area e.g Emekuku area of Imo State.


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