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This study is aimed at assessing the importance of communication in Hospitality industry. The method used in collecting data from the study area were mainly by the use of internet, textbooks, and Journals. It was discovered that communication is a very important tool in hospitality industry, communication flows between the management and its’ employees, managers and team leaders and the members of their teams, collectively and individually and between staff and guests. Findings revealed that staff motivation enhances good communication to a large extent in a hospitality industry.  This work suggest that it is increasingly important that users within the  industry make use of applied information technology and communication if they wish to remain effective and gain a lead over their competitors.






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    • The nature of communication = =     =     =     =12
    • Hospitality communication in the customer service level = =     =       =     =     =     =     =     =     =13
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According to Odigboh and Osuagwu (2003) communication is the process of expressing ideas and feelings. Speaking and writing are the principal means of communication, and whenever you communicate by speaking or writing, you are in a marketing situation.

Leith (2009), stated that communication is the exchange of information between people. Communication also enables managers to give clear instructions and it also ensure that a project or task is done right and accurately. Also according to leigh (2009),communication is the key to success in any relationship. It is essential for life in general but in business settings, it is critical. Communication in more then just a matter of speaking and hearing, especially within a business setting. Good communication, on the other hand, means that the people or organization understand the message in its entirety. Further, they are much more likely to respond in a positive manner if the message was communicated effectively. A poorly communicated  message or information will likely result in an unfavorable response. Communication is one of the basic functions of management in any organization and it’s importance can hardly be over emphasized. It is a process of transmitting information, ideas, thoughts, opinions and plans between various parts of an organization. You cannot have human relations without communication. However, good and effective communication is required not only for good human relations but also for good and successful business.

Importance of communication for managers, supervisor employee relations.

Communication of information and decision is an essential component for management employee relations. The manager cannot get the work done from employee unless they are communicated effectively of what he wants to be done. He should also be sure of some basic fact such as how to communicate and what result can be expected from that communication. Most of management problem arise because of lack of effective communication. Chances of misunderstanding and mis-representation can be minimized with proper communication system.

For motivation and employee morale. 

Communication is also a basic tool for motivation, which can improve morale of the employees in an organization. Inappropriate on faulty communication among employees or between manager and his subordinates is the major cause of conflict and low morale at work. Manager should clarify to employees about what is to be done how well are they doing, how to communicate with guest or customers and what can be done for better performance to improve their motivation. He can prepare a written statement, clearly out lining the relationship between company objectives and integrating the interest of the two, for increase productivity.

With effective communication, you can maintain a good human relation in the industry or organization and by encouraging ideas or suggestions from staffs and implementing them when ever possible. You can also increases production at low cost.

For staffs    

It is through the communication that staffs submit their work reports, comment, grievances and suggestion to their supervisors or management. Organization should have speedy and good communication policy and procedures to avoid delays, misunderstanding, confusion or distortions of facts and to establish harmony among all concerned people and departments.


Almost all conflicts involves communication problems, as both a cause and an effect misunderstandings, resulting from poor communication can easily cause a conflict or make it worse.Further,once conflict has started, communication problems often develop because people in conflict do not communicate with each other as frequently, and as accurately as they do when relationships are not strained. Thus communication is central to most conflict situations.


The main aim of communication in hospitality business is mostly to carter for customers and to make sure that they are supplied with the services that they needed, so that a customer will be urged to revisit the industry after a good time service from the people or personnel that works in the establishment.


There were some limitation to the progress of this research work. It is also pertinent to consider the conflict in hospitality industry which may arise as a result of inadequate communication.

Conflict is one disadvantage of communication. Employees may use communication to disagree and urge with each and with management. Conflict causes tension among employees and can halt operations, disrupt meetings and prevent task completion.

Source of conflict includes  employees feeling that their needs are not  being met, lack of structure, lack of transparent communication and personality differences.

Organizational leaders also communicate to mediate and control conflict to lessen the effect of employees disagreements.


Sometimes, the little things that impress customer are being over looked in the hospitality environment. This is where your guest or customers can help if you let them. Make it easy for them to let you know about things that they think can make your business give better service. You might not agree with them, but it never hurts to listen.

Some customers are happy to let their complaint be known to every one, and it’s your job to make sure that every guest response gets conveyed to the supervisor or management (by ensuring proper hospitality communication channels). But others prefer to voice their complaint or suggestion or service evaluation card in the hotel rooms and service desks let your guest know you value their feedback.


Communication: this is the process of expressing feelings and ideas or of giving people information.

Over booking: this means to reserve more rooms in a hotel than there are places available

Guest: this means a person staying at a hotel.

Distortion: this is something that has been presented in a way that makes it look different from the truth or in a way that makes it look different normal.

Entirety: this means the whole of some things rather than in


Integrating: means to combine o the combination of two or more people or things to work together.

Motivation: means to stimulate the interest of workers or persons.

Feedback: means advice, information about how good or useful work is

Over emphasized: means too much importance of some thing.

Implement:means to make something that has been officially decided start to happen.


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