1. E-commerce store – create an online store and sell products to customers worldwide.
  2. Dropshipping – source products from suppliers and sell them on your online store without keeping inventory.
  3. Affiliate marketing – promote products or services on your website or social media and earn a commission for every sale made through your referral link.
  4. Digital products – create and sell digital products such as ebooks, courses, webinars, or software.
  5. Online coaching or consulting – offer your expertise in a particular field to clients worldwide.
  6. Social media management – manage social media accounts for businesses or individuals.
  7. Content writing – write content for websites, blogs, or social media.
  8. Graphic design – design logos, websites, marketing materials, or social media graphics.
  9. Video production – create videos for businesses or individuals.
  10. Virtual event planning – plan and execute virtual events for businesses or individuals.
  11. Online teaching – teach a subject or skill online to students worldwide.
  12. Translation services – offer translation services for individuals or businesses.
  13. Website development – develop and design websites for businesses or individuals.
  14. Online advertising – manage online advertising campaigns for businesses.
  15. App development – develop mobile or web applications for businesses or individuals.
  16. Online market research – conduct market research for businesses.
  17. SEO services – offer search engine optimization services for businesses.
  18. Virtual assistant services – offer administrative or personal assistant services remotely.
  19. Online accounting – offer accounting or bookkeeping services online.
  20. Online fitness training – offer fitness training and coaching online.
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