Indian government scholarships are designed to help students financially. The purpose of this assistance is to support students who have financial challenges in pursuing their academic goals.

The primary objective of the Indian Government Scholarships is to offer financial assistance to students.

Top Indian Government Scholarships

Below are some Indian Government Scholarships to Study Abroad:

1. Coal India Limited Scholarship in India 2024

The Government of India is offering the Coal India Limited Scholarship in India 2024, a fully funded international scholarship program for Indian students.

The scholarship’s deadline for applications is February 15, 2024. The scholarship pays for both tuition and housing expenses.


2. The Incentives for Secondary Education 2023

The Incentives To Girls For Secondary Education (For SC/ST Girls) 2023 scholarship is a partial financed foreign scholarship provided by the Indian government for Indian students.

Only Indian citizens from the SC/ST communities who are enrolled in any subject at a State/UT Government, Government-aided, or local body school in India are eligible for this award.

This scholarship has a variable deadline for applications. The scholarship offers Rs. 3,000 in value.


3. Post-matric Scholarship Scheme

The Post-matric Scholarship Scheme is a partial financed overseas fellowship provided by the Indian government for Indian students.

Indian applicants who want to study any subject at any college in India are eligible for this grant.

By the deadline of July 31, the scholarship application must be filed. Only Indian citizens are eligible to use the scholarship.

4. The NSP Top Class Education Scholarship 2023

The NSP Top Class Education Program for SC Students 2022–23 is a fully funded foreign fellowship for Indian citizens offered by the Indian government.

Every student studying any course of study offered by Indian universities is eligible for this grant. The deadline for submitting scholarship applications is December 31.

The complete cost of tuition, a monthly living allowance of Rs. 2,200, and a Rs. 45,000 computer allowance are all covered by the scholarship.


5. The JN Tata Endowment

For students seeking further education in international colleges around the world, the JN Tata Endowment Scholarship is a highly sought-after program.

The scholarship sum given to qualifying students can range from INR 1,00,000 to INR 10,00,000. Moreover, based on their academic success, they may be suggested for a gift scholarship of INR 75,000.

Yet scholarship recipients must pay back the money they received in twenty percent increments, starting between the third and seventh year of residency.

A scholarship winner must start repaying the amount of the award if they start working before their third year.

The Indian government’s aforementioned scholarships are available for study abroad. It is essential to confirm that all requirements have been met before submitting an application for the scholarship.

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